At Promethean Energy, we make unique
    low-grade waste heat recovery (WHR) products for industrial purposes
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    Food and
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    Hotels and
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    Dairy and ice-cream
  • Save upto 75% of water heating costs
    with rapid payback periods - typically less than 12 months
    Air Compressors
    Air Compressors
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    Utilities are a major source of energy wastage.
    50% - 90% of energy involved in utilities is waste heat.
    Recover waste energy before investing in other technologies.

Unique Products

Heat recovery from chillers, air compressors and blowers - with low pressure drops and indirect heating make it ideal for process and other industries. Generate hot water at zero cost, while improving the system performance as well!
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Custom Built

We provide engineered and turnkey solutions to fit your requirements. We understand the operational and thermodynamic parameters of the products we build in depth, and build optimised solutions which are seamlessly retrofitted into your plant.

Strong technology

With a team of IIT Bombay and IIM Ahmedabad graduates driving the firm, you can be sure that you are getting the cutting edge in technology. Patented heat recovery systems to extract the most heat without impacting existing systems.

"Any savings in energy
directly adds to the
profits of the firm"

Energy costs

Industrial India subjected to ever-rising energy prices. Forex depreciation has further worsened this cost position and there is a huge requirement for alternate sources for energy sustainability. Any savings in energy adds directly to the profit of the firm, and hence is a great lever to improve profitability. We build unique products for industry to help them save their fuel costs, reduce emissions and improve profitability

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Product suite advantages

Improves system performance

Our products improve the system performance by recoveing thermal energy without affecting system parameters. For eg, ChillerMate reduces chiller power consumption by upto 20%. No regular heat recovery system is able to extract heat without increasing 10%-15% power consumption. CompMate reduces load on compressor cooling tower/radiators by 40-80%. FlowTerm reduces load on donwstream cooling units by similar amount.

High temperatures achievable

Our heat recovery systems have pure counterflow tube-tube heat exchanger design with lowest pressure drops. This ensures that you get the highest temperature lifts in a single pass. This reduces pumping costs, while allowing for optimal design

Reliability and long life

The vented double wall design ensures zero chance of leakages, and mixing of fluids. Traditional systems cannot offer reliability of this nature. “Peace-of-mind” has very high value in the mind of the plant manager, and with our products, you can be assured that there is no chance of failure.

Fast payback

Through an optimal design, we are able to offer attractive paybacks which are typically in months. Just the fuel savings from the free hot water will pay for the product. Accelerated depreciation reduces payback by a further 30%.

Awards and Recognition

  • Among 5 energy firms to be showcased at “Indo US Startup Konnect 2015” held in Silicon Valley, in honor of PM Narendra Modi’s visit – organized by NASSCOM and TiE, SV

  • National runners-up in the Cleantech Open – Global Cleantech Innovation Program, conducted by UNIDO, GEF. Among two teams to represent India at the Global CleanTech Open in Silicon Valley, 2015

  • Among top 20 across Asian CleanTech firms (2015) – Climate Technology Initiative, PFAN , partnered by ADB, USAID, IEA and ICETT - which saw participation from India, Japan, Indonesia, Phillipines, Vietnam among others

  • Winners and rated among the “Top 10 innovative companies in the country” by India Innovates 2014 – conducted and partnered by Department of Science and Technology (DST), FICCI, Stanford University, Lockheed Martin, TIE, Indo-US Science and Technology Foundation.

Save the Environment while Saving Costs

“At Promethean Energy, we make unique waste heat recovery (WHR) products for industrial purposes to help reduce heating costs by upto 75%